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The Sweeter Decluttering in December 2016

The neater our surrounding after decluttering, the better the future will be (Photo Credit :

Less than a week, 2017 is going to be around.  New year’s resolution(s), anyone? We – as human being – are good at planning, aren’t we? For most people, January is the month of hope, indeed.  So, what about December? Let bygone be bygone, over and over again?

For me, 2016 is the year of “chocolate box.”  Each month has delivered unexpected yet amusing experiences.  I kept getting another inexpressible surprise that I have never thought about it before.  It is not only related to professional matter, but also dealt with my personal life. Just to make it simple, it is intertwined.  Well, that is not really shocking, is it?

The beginning months of 2016 were uncompromising enough.  Some of unfinished businesses and unfulfilled dreams from previous years had not been ended.  I had to be exceptionally tough to overcome them all.  Every time I take a (brief) look at my past, the more I realized ALL excuses won’t do any good.

December is the perfect time for decluttering, both at home and office (Photo Credit :

So, by the Al-Mighty GOD, Allah swt’s help and guidance, I followed both my heart and my brain.  According to Malcolm Gladwell (the journalist who turns to be an impressive author of Tipping Point, Blink – my most favorite one of his writings, Outliers,) people must know precisely when they have to think and when they need to blink. Once Einstein said: “Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”  I couldn’t agree more with him!

In 2016, I have also been more aware of being a strategic thinker.  There is (always) the time when I wanted so badly to do it all.  But, it was improbable to put all my eggs on one basket while the basket was not solid enough to carry them all at the same time.  The results would be (most) probably either all the eggs broke entirely or only some of the eggs were brought and left the others behind.  Yup! Being greedy is absolutely wasted of time.  At first, it looked great and also tempting.  But, in the end, it is going to be the backlash for its doer, for sure.

In March 2016, I decided to voluntarily retreat from one lucrative project that was so good to be true.  The main reason was clear-cut: I wasn’t prepared enough to cope with it.  Yet, I always knew, there is another chance coming on the way.  So, started from March to May 2016, I did my best both to prepare and accomplished it in silence yet steadily keep going forward.  Furthermore, I also remained tight-lipped as my dream project was in progress.  It is more enjoyable and unforgettable to tell also show others when my wish becomes reality.

Great focus can be optimized in tidy, cozy, and comfy ambiance (Photo Credit :

Alhamdulillah, thanks GOD, in June 2016, voila! The labor fruition took place.  After that (seemingly) endless waiting period, one of my dreams came true.  Eventually, the lovable result of it wasn’t only about me, but also it was a blessing for the others.  When I have already shared the result to them, there is countless happiness I’ve got that can’t be described clearly after seeing their grateful look.  Still, that is ultimately one of the happiest moments in my life.

The last quarter months in 2016 have turned out to be the other enlightening time to me, both as an individual and as a professional.  Slowly and surely, GOD has faced me with some incomplete life lessons from the past.  Initially, I didn’t pay any adequate attention to them.  Self-denial is the most accurate word for my reluctance of it.  Naturally, I am not keen on involving in any conflict. If I could escape them in the past, why couldn’t I flee (once more) this time? But at this point, I have no other choice than to gulp them down, once and for all #EatThatFrog

Simplicity and agility lead to profitability and sustainability (Photo Credit :

Like roller-coaster journey, recently I experienced some daily distressing yet mind-blowing ups and downs.  I guess my life at this time being and in the future will be more colorful and wonderful.  I have become conscious, it won’t be painless pathway.  However, I wholeheartedly have faith in this more meaningful life direction from Allah swt.

2017 is around the corner just now.  I have written down some get-things-done and get-things-accomplished list for the upcoming years.  I have learned the hard way from my past: how not to be overwhelmed and paralyzed with my life adversities.  On the contrary, the things that don’t kill me, they consistently and effectively make me stronger and better from time to time.  Wish all the best for us through the years ahead, Amin #MakeTomorrowBetter


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