First Thing First


It is always nice to underpromise yet over deliver, right? 😀 (Photo credit : freedomthirtyfiveblog.com)

Well, it is been (almost) 2 months since the last time I have posted something here. I wouldn’t say if it was because of my (seemingly) hectic schedule. Lack of proper priority is the more exact word, ahem!

For the past 6 months, I noticed that I was (bit) overwhelmed with some matters. It looked like every single thing needs my immediate response! In fact?

Now, I have come to conclusion : “No need to impress others that hard.” I mean, our life is not all about social media by maintaining some public images. It is okay to share a thing or two via social media. But, most of the time, real life interaction really counts. We finally found out, the good (and also sincere) people from our daily relationship and connection, not from those ‘like’ buttons amount. Get the point?

So, start from this day, I am back with only posting professional stuffs through my social media. That is safer, happier, & luckier, indeed! Meanwhile, I can more focus on my day to day occasion with the genuinely meaningful things for better, lovelier, and sweeter future, Amin. “Feed the eagles and starve the turkeys” 🙂


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