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When Love and Hate Collide


Love vs Hate inevitably becomes the ‘Yin & Yang’ in our daily life
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No, it is not the review about Def Leppard’s 1995 song.  Though, it is one of my favorite songs ever.  Just imagine, during vacation time, and there are still (so) many tasks to do, duh!

I am sure I belong to that (unhealthy) habit of modern people.  The inclination of being occupied all the time makes me (quite) hard to enjoy break time. My mind keeps reminding me about those (endless) assignments.  Yet, my body has refused to deal with my scattered brain.

Maybe once in a while ‘enough is enough.’ There is always a right time, a place, and… a person too. The harder the force, the lesser is the result.  Sometimes taking a step backward leads us (based on my experiences) to the ten steps forward.

When ‘The Law of Attraction’ can change our luck for good
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Nonetheless, I have to be (very) careful NOT to spend my downtime too long.  The most common excuse of its extended period is ‘entitled feeling’, especially after I had finished an arduous work for hours.  Just call it as the dilemma between ‘must vs should.’

Many professional coaches emphasize on life priority in order to make our life easier, sweeter, better, and brighter.  Human brain is clearly not designated for having multitasking chores all the time. Once or twice is fine by those gray neurons, but doing multiple to do list all at once over and over again will do no good for them.  Remember ‘The Power of Focus,’ anyone?

That is why, I deeply appreciate and respect people who can be relaxed when they are together with other people without incessantly checking their smartphones.  Come on, nothing can beat or even more replace face to face discussion!  We marry to the owner of the smartphone, not his or her gadgets.  As long as we still are able to talk to and communicate with other people directly, that is the best thing to do. #selfreminder

Are we just being occupied or having accomplished from time to time?
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Indirect communication – smartphone, social media, just name it – is an alternative way to connect with others.  No wonder, love and hate relationship with communication tools seems inevitable.  When two people are having a distant barrier, smartphone is perfect answer for their pray for owning accessible dialogues through the days.  On the contrary, when our SO (significant other) is right there in front of us, why should we be glued to our smartphone?

Hectic vs relaxed, wants vs needs, and so on are some examples from ‘love and hate’ observable facts.  The moment when our body says ‘yes’ while our heart says ‘no’, and vice versa has become the part of daily life.

Such as, there is an Algebra exam (Mathematics is always the ideal model for distressing subject) tomorrow.  However, the night before; your crush asks you for going out, finally! Let say, he or she is an (extremely) busy bee with scarce free time.  Would you rather go with him or her instead of choosing your A-plus grade? Whatever the chosen act is, just make sure it has the best impact for long term future.

Do NOT ever trade long term benefit for short term advantage.  Enough said (4th Photo Credit)




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