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Blogging, For Earning Money OR Making Happy?


Blogging is both for physical and psychological advantages for bloggers and their blog readers (Source of picture : http://www.langwitches.org

Well, I have been blogging since April 2014. Back then, my intention was sooo idealistic. Want to know what was that? “For improving my life better than ever by blogging.” Quite impressive, I guess 😅

Long short story, blogging makes my life better, happier, sweeter, seriously. Not to mention, (getting a bit) wealthier, aheem! Indeed, that is the lovely truth 😊

Yet, I have noticed something unusual about my blogging life. What is that? It turns out, everytime I put aside or ignore my idealism on blogging, the miracles of blogging slowly fade away. For instance, when I did blogging just for the sake of tangible things – money, prizes, rewards, gifts, etc – in the end, I ended up as a bitter (and sometimes whinny) blogger. Fiuuh!

On the other hands, if I do blogging more due to intangible (good) causes – helping others, sharing new info, learning something new, and so on – beyond my expectation, Al-Mighty Allah swt always sends me His wonderful blessings to me in many surprising ways, both in material and abstract things. New supportive friends, great workplace, priceless networking, much closer family relationship, and the unending list goes on and on.

Certainly, I also must add well-behaved and smart students as one of many advantages by being lecturer plus blogger. Hi there the I (cool) class of Tazkia matriculation students 2016👍🙋 Young men, all of you are the best! 🌠🎓 #FutureLeader

I do realize, having (almost) 2.5 years as blogger is much better to be considered as a baby step in this digital media era. There is still a long, long, long, way to go in the future for making blogging both to make my life merrier and also to be an inspiring digital – especially in content – marketing influencer. For this time being, just enjoy the ups and downs this valuable journey, InsyaAllah 😊 Have a great weekend everyone 🆗💖💝✌



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